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BEKA Industrial Lubrication

BEKA develops and produces lubrication systems for each kind of industrial plant from compact production machines up to large production lines.

Save both time and money using BekaWorld automatic lubrication systems.


Our range of lubrication systems:

Depending on the situation, custom solutions can be designed and created utilizing one or more of the following systems. From simple lubrication to high-tech maintenance systems.

Single Line Pump

BEKA single line system

This system supplies lubricant via a main line to the distributors under intermittent pressure and is applied onto the lube points in metered quantities. The advantages of this single line system are the simple design, installation and maintenance. Retrofitting is a breeze as well with the system's simplicity.

Examples: Lube point supply of small and medium sized machines, machine assemblies and systems such as tool, textile, and packing machines.

Multi Line Pump

BEKA multi line system

The multi line system supplies lubricant via several pump outlets in particular quantities. Each outlet can be adjusted individually and is directly lead to the lube point.

Examples: Perfect solution for machines and machine assemblies with a small number of lube points like presses, cranes, compressors and wind power plants.


BEKA progressive system

The progresive system supplies many lube points with lubricant with only one supply line. This system can be monitored easily and is suitable for presses, punches and cranes.

Dual Line Pump

BEKA dual line system

The dual line system is the classic solution for big systems. A dual line system is used for machines and systems whose lube points are far apart from each other. It supplies lubrication to large plants with wide spread lube points, like lumber yards or mills.

Oil Recirculating

BEKA Oil Circulating System

The oil circulating system is responsible for the lubrication and cooling of large machines and systems. BEKA designs and manufactures oil circulating systems, beginning from the pump station up to a complete pipe system, according to customer's needs

BEKA gear pumps

BEKA produces a broad range of gear pumps and internal gear pumps.

Distribution Block

Zinc Coating or Stainless Steel

Our systems are available in either rust resistant zinc coated steel or stainless steel.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Compact Designs - Installations are elementary.
  • Modular Designs - Expansions are effortless.
  • User Friendly Interfaces - Operations are a breeze.

BEKA Poducts are backed by over 80 years of expertise.