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BEKA-MAX Central Lubrication Systems


BekaWorld offers a broad range of central lubrication systems - from simple hand pump setups to fully automatic maintenance systems.

Whether your machine needs grease or oil, or both, Beka-Max offers the proper solution suited to your needs. Offering systems that can automatically distribute grease or oil from a single system.

If your industry relies on heavy machinery or vehicles to operate you could greatly benefit from BekaWorld Lubrication Systems.

Your machines have to work - they may not break down, least of all because of an avoidable defect, caused by lack of lubrication. Highly loaded pins, bearings and joints need regular care. But manual greasing costs much time and money. Maintenance is expensive, but machine down times cost much more. You can forget all these problems with a BEKA-MAX Central Lubrication System.


Many machines and vehicles have a large number of lube points, all of which need to be cared for. Wear of high-loaded bolts, shafts and sealings can only be reduced by a steady lubrication. With a BEKA-MAX lubrication you have the certainty that each lube point is lubricated at the right time.

Each point, lubricated precisely and timed precisely. Providing for improved operational reliability and cost reduction.


While the vehicle or machine is in operation, the BEKA-MAX Central Lubrication System supplies each lube point with the necessary grease quantity - absolutely reliable, electronically precise controlled and metered exactly. And all without annoying and costly downtime.